Egyptian Hawawshi Recipe

Egyptian Hawawshi Recipe




Basic Ingredients of Egyptian Hawawshi Recipe


Shami bread or wheat bread

Half a kilo of minced meat.

Large onion

(Any fatty substance such as corn oil or butter or any another trivially vegetarian)

Salt pepper seasoning. (Spices is one of the secrets of delicious taste I use spices consisting of cinnamon and nutmeg, cloves .. and green coriander .. and Laura paper and Cardamom)

Additional Ingredients

Green Pepper.

. Diced tomatoes

Paprika (sweet red peppers).

. Coriander green ..

Foil (aluminum tin ..

Preparation of  Egyptian Hawawshi Recipe

Mix every thing well

Distribute pieces of fat in the dish like this

Then take the amount of the mixture previously prepared and put into bread

Half kilo enough to prepare five pieces of bread

Are wrapped with foil paper(aluminum tin) .. and enter a very hot oven for five minutes and then subside(Reduces) fire on them for half an hour..

Served with pickles


Belhana we el shefa :)


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  1. ismail farag

    loved it ,thanks

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